Bergamaschi & Bozzo Law Firm

Located in São Paulo, Brazil, the Bergamaschi and Bozzo Law firm is prepared to act in every state of our country, and to advice about the Brazilian Legal System in all of our practice areas. We offer clients a tailor-made service, in a structure that was thought to be flexible and individualized to each case, allowing us to provide a personalized and individual service, which is less bureaucratic and closer to you.

The Law Firm is based on certain premises, concepts and circumstances, which shape our structure in order to provide our clients with an excellent service. In our opinion, an excellent service is provided through the effective control of legal knowledge and by building a tailor-made plan that is individualized for each client.

The building process of this plan includes studying, evaluating and designing the legal service platform that will be used to provide the services in the consulting and/or litigation area that the client needs.

Besides having a good team that is prepared to analyze and provide – at any time – a proper answer to the demands that a client might have, we rely on partners to offer a wide range of services that could be necessary together with the legal advice.

That is the reason why our concepts of work bases itself on technical alliances – whenever it’s needed – with other law firms and consulting firms focused on a specific knowledge, as an example: auditing or environment specialized firms (for which the partners are chosen based on their competence). This process works under the solid joint venture format, in the form of direct or indirect management of the outsourcing.

We can also count with a rich personal network of Experts and Professors, which is related to the academic life of the office’s members, as teachers or postgraduate researcher, and to their professional life as lawyers in our country’s biggest and economically most developed city, São Paulo.

Thus, we can count with good technical alliances to assist in cases going on the federal court of law and the federal constitutional court, both based in Brasilia, our political capital.

The premises of our firm include the integration of professionals, who, besides enjoying the – well-done – lawyer activity in the daily life, are researchers at the university and are presently associated with law teaching activities in universities.

We also plan together and support our members aim on postgraduate studies (general or specific) in foreign universities that have a respectable international recognition. Hence this preparation, and by being integrated in an international network, our professionals properly answer to demands within our jurisdiction, as well demands with cross border interests.  

We communicate in English, Portuguese, German, Spanish and Italian. Contact us.

Areas of practice

• Civil Litigation  

• Banking Law

• Energy, Oil and Gas 

• Mining Sector

• Renewable Sources

• Corporate Law

• Contracts and Compliance

• Reorganization 

• Social Causes